Frequently Asked Questions

How should I interact with people in Bhutan?
The people of Bhutan are like other people! Ask before you take their picture. Ask your guide before taking pictures in Museums or Public Buildings. There are some places that are off limits to visitors for religious and safety reasons. Ask your guide so you can always be sure.

And please never hand out candy or small trinkets to children. Bhutanese people are very proud of the fact that there are no beggars in Bhutan and we wish not to encourage this behavior of expecting anything from our guests. Simple meaningful gifts to that are educational or useful are, however, appreciated. Please consult your full Predeparture Packet for details (you will receive this 22-page document of useful information prepared just for you upon completion of your Initial Trip Deposit).

What should I and what can I bring with me?
This is a basic list. Please consult your Predeparture Packet for full checklist:

1. Good walking shoes

2. Sunglasses

3. Sunscreen (highest possible)

4. Headgear for sunny days

5. Bug repellent

6. Cotton clothing for summer days, light woolen clothes for evenings. Heavy woolens for winter.

7. Shorts for hiking and walking around town are fine. Out of respect, please don’t wear shorts in public buildings or monasteries. Have a pair of long pants or longer skirt for these locations.

For trekkers, be sure to bring the following:

1. Sturdy and “broken-in” trekking/hiking boots

2. Sunglasses

3. Sunscreen (highest possible)

4. Headgear

5. Raincoat

6. Optional Sleeping Bag Liner (We provide our guests with high-quality down sleeping bags by such manufacturers as Mountain Hardwear® & North Face®.)

7. Torch (Flashlight)

8. Insect repellent

Maximum recommended load for trekking is 25Kgs (55lbs.), or 1/5th of body weight. Your Free Druk Air Baggage Allowance Limit is 20kgs or 44lbs.

What will the weather be like in Bhutan?
Days are normally warm. Nights can be quite chilly. In winter, the temperature is below freezing point. Monsoon shower in summer with rains in July and August.

More on Climate, Weather & Average Daily Temperatures…