Private Journeys

A handcrafted adventure just for you and your friends
Our Private Journeys are ideal for people who wish to travel with a pre-arranged group of friends or family. If you have always dreamed of taking an uncommon trip to the Himalayas as a family or a group of friends to celebrate a special milestone with activities centered around your individual needs, this is the trip for you. While our Featured Trips and Travel Programs are already designed for singular Bhutan experiences that would satisfy most travelers, these private journeys allow you to handpick your traveling companions, design a trip around your personal goals and traveling needs, along with such optional luxuries as a helicopter charter into remote locations or a spa day in Paro. Our homegrown expertise and connections are indispensable whether it means enhancing your travels by bringing on board a knowledgeable dignitary or arranging an intimate evening with a senior ranking lama. Be it a private trek, a vibrant cultural journey, meetings with interesting (and illuminating) figures, a special activity or passion such as biking or bird-watching or rafting, or all of the above, we can arrange it for you. Tell us what you need (or simply point us in the general direction) and we will design and send your private itinerary with individual pricing information.

E-mail us at info@skykingdomadventures.com or bhutanskykingdomadventures@gmail.com

When you travel with us you discover the hidden Bhutan that others miss.