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A Bhutan trip provides the rare opportunity to experience incredible mountain scenery, meet some of the friendliest people on earth and learn about a balanced way of life that values happiness over materialism.

For perspective on what it means to visit Bhutan, imagine Nepal before it was discovered by the outside world and Tibet before its culture was threatened by political upheavals. At Sky Kingdom Adventures, we introduce you to the himalayan way of life as only Bhutanese people can. Our staff and guides were born in Bhutan and have lived all their lives in Bhutan and know the terrain, local conditions and its people as only insiders can.

When you travel with us you are not merely passing through, but making intimate connections with Bhutan and its people. We take pride in crafting personal itineraries that reflect the widest, most enriching experience of Bhutan possible. Our adventures are authentic travel experiences that come from the heart and the spirit. Travel to Bhutan offers a lifetime opportunity to experience a way of life that is vanishing from the rest of the Himalayas. Here, below, are some classic ways to experience the “Jewel of the Himalayas “.

guest with young monksEasy Cultural Adventures (6-19 days)

Features: Colorful local markets, optional hikes or relaxed exploration, seasonal festivities, a true Bhutanese farm experience, the newly opened valley of Haa.
guest on dochula hikeA Hiker’s Exploration of Bhutan (6-19 days)

Features: day hikes to local temples and monuments, best trails in West and Central Bhutan, rhododendron walk (in spring), Paro to Bumthang valleys.
Skykingdom's Nelson Group at JhomulhariBhutan Himalaya: In Goddess Jhomu’s lap (10-12 days)

Features: Classic Himalayan trek to Mt. Jhomulhari’s basecamp. Loop back to Paro or cross over to Lingzhi and Thimphu.
mask dancers at Paro festival bhutanSacred Rhythms: Paro Tshechu Festival (17-19 days)

Features: The Grand Paro Festival (spring) with overland journey through Thimphu, Punakha, Wangdue, and Bumthang.
Jachung or Garuda traditional maskSacred Rhythms: The Thimphu Tshechu (17-19 days)

Features: The Grand Thimphu Festival (fall) with overland journey through Paro, Punakha, Wangdue and Bumthang valleys.
masks of the four dignities, Tiger, Lion, Dragon and GarudaSacred Rhythms: Bumthang Festivals (17-19 days)

Features: Seasonal festivities in Central Bhutan, hikes to burning lake, the Castle of the White Crane.
young monk at festivalSacred Rhythms: Trongsa Tshechu (17-19 days)

Features: Year-end Trongsa Festival, the valley of sacred cranes, Kunga Rabtem palace, Black Mountain hike, Western Bhutan with Hall of 100 Pillars.
The Punakha Dzong, site of the annual procession of warriors festivalSacred Rhythms: Punakha Procession (17-19 days)

Features: Procession of Warriors, Punakha Castle , sacred cranes and Gangtey Monastery, Black Mountain hike, Farm visit.
golden langur in the Nabji and Korphu valleysEnchanted Trails : The Lost Valleys of Nabji & Korphu (17-19 days)

Features: Bhutan’s newest trek route,alt. below 7,000ft, hidden valleys of central Bhutan, rare golden langurs, Monpa people.
Mt Jitchu Drake taken from near Jhomulhari basecampBhutan Himalaya : Into the Nomadic Realms (19-24 days)

Features: Lingzhi and Laya, passes over 17,000ft, Jhomulhari, Jitchu Drake, other Himalayan peaks.
Yaks crossing into Lunana on Wild Snowman TrekBhutan Himalaya: The Snowman Trek (About 20 days)

Features: High Altitude Expedition, passes over 18,000ft, Lingzhi, Laya and Lunana to Trongsa or Bumthang.
Bhutan Tapestry: Textiles and Weavers (17-22 days)

Features: Traditional weavers, Textiles in the Marketplace, Significance of Textiles and Weaving in Bhutanese culture.
On the Wings of Prayer (17-19 days)

Features: Rare Black-Necked Cranes, Gangtey Monastery, Black Mountains Hike & Nature Study Center, Crane Festival..
The Phobjikha Valley basin at the entrace to Black Mountains ParkEnchanted Trails : The Black Mountains (17-19 days)

Features: Gentle trek in the Black Mountains Range, Gangtey Monastery, Phobjikha Valley and Nature Center..
The Ura Valley in WinterContemplative Bhutan (17-22 days)

Features: Optional Trek in beautiful biodiversity-rich Nabji Korphu region, Rare Black-Necked Cranes, Gangtey Monastery, Bumthang, Ura Valley.
Guests on the 5-day Peaceful Dragon's Path TrekBhutan Himalaya: The Dragon’s Path (6 days)

Features: Beautiful Jele Dzong, himalayan lakes, Phajoding Monastery, Jhomulhari views.
holy reliquary on the trail to swan templeEnchanted Trails: Swan Temple Trek (17-19 days)

Features: Scenic trail to Swan Temple, hidden villages, beautiful temples, Castle of the Crane and West and Central Bhutan highlights.
bamboo forest trail to Dhur hot SpringsBhutan Himalaya : The Dhur Hot Springs (17-19 days)

Features: challenging trek, spruce, hemlock and maple forests, medicinal hot springs, West and Central Bhutan.