Bhutan Himalaya: The Dragon’s Path

A short yet classic Himalayan trek ~ 6 days
Trek this beautiful high ridge trail known as the Druk (or Dragon’s) Path. For centuries the only “highway” between the two culturally significant valleys of Paro and Thimphu, it is even today a wonderful way to delve into the quiet heart of Bhutan. On any day (except the dead of winter when the trails are all closed by snow), you will likely encounter monks on their way to prayer, a few seminomadic yak herding families, and locals who still prefer to take the old route over the mountains. Expect to see ethereal mountain-top monasteries, jewel-like lakes and redolent slopes of pine and meadow. We begin at National Museum above Paro, then follow the trail upward, high above the valleys, until the snow peaks appear. The route descends to Phajoding through thick rhododendron forests and ends above a cluster of golden-spired temples above the Thimphu valley. And, yes, you can expect some tender muscles as you bed down in our comfortable trekking camps. But you can also count on a truly unforgettable experience amid one of the most remote and magnificent landscapes on earth.

We recommend combining this trek with our 2007 fall Featured Trip An October Himalayan Interlude, or with one of the other trips listed under our Travel Programs.

Maximum Elevations:

Upto 13,000ft max with general elevations between 8,000ft to 12,00ft; Note: general indications; exact elevations may vary.

Walking Time:
up to 5 or 6hrs daily
Note: general indications; exact times may vary according to individual fitness and endurance levels.

Bags and gear transported by mule or yak; meals and camp set-up by camp crew.

Day 1:Camp below beautiful Jele Dzong Monastery, approximately 11,000ft .

Day 2: Ridge walk, with possible views of Jhomomulhari Peak (24,000ft) .

Day 3: High ridge trail with views of Himalayan range west of Bhutan .

Day 4: Hike up to nearly 13,000 feet, maximum trek elevation with possible views of Gangkhar Punsum, highest massifs in Bhutan Himalaya .

Day 5: Steep downhill hike through a tranquil blue-pine forest to arrive in Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital.